Fully Shining Women Leading Our World
Fully Shining Women Leading Our World
Meghan Gilroy

Welcome to Fully Shining Women Leading Our World

A true sisterhood of women supporting women!

About Us

We welcome it all the laughter, the confusion and overwhelm, the fun, tears...

We're opening our hearts to our growth and healing and power during this time of fast evolution and full lives.

We're a diverse and accepting circle of healers, coaches, soul-led entrepreneurs, creatives, community activists, retired wise women... mamas and grandmas and daughters and sisters.

We believe in following our intuition, walking our own unique paths and the listening to messages from our hearts and soul - while sharing resources and encouragement with each other.

What might we create in a world where we have each other's back?!?

Where we discover and fully trust our soul gifts and intuition?

Where we all participate in the caring for Mother Earth, cheering for each other as women leaders and tending to our bodies, homes, families & communities?

Where we allow ourselves to FULLY SHINE?

Let's gather up to encourage, support and celebrate each other and see.

It's time to be Fully Shining Women Leading Our World!

Why You Should Join Us

What would be different if our world was full of Fully Shining Women?

What if you knew you weren’t just a shining woman but a FULLY shining one?


  • A true sisterhood of women supporting women
  • Step into the belonging, laughter & tears of an accepting circle of intuitive & powerful women leaders
  • Feel seen, heard, held, appreciated & validated
  • Discover (& share) your own supportive practices on spiritual growth, healing & intuition to make an impact in today's chaotic world
  • Free monthly ceremonies & gatherings
  • Be a part of the massive rise in divine feminine energy & women's empowerment sweeping our planet

You can join our free community or enroll in our Full Shining Women Wisdom School for deeper teachings, more gatherings & support. Choose your plan below.

What's the difference between our free versus paid membership?

We believe in making the world a better place.

We give back by donating 11% of all Fully Shining Women Wisdom School tuition to building schools & educating girls without access to education through the non-profit Pencils of Promise.

We are committed to doing our small part in ending systemic racism. If you are a BI+WOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color), we offer 50% scholarships to those who request it. Please email [email protected].